About Russ

I’ve been a professional body worker for over 30 years. Having practiced multiple movement modalities – bodywork, somatic movement, martial arts, yoga, massage, and rolfing – I’ve studied under some of the world’s most intuitive and thoughtful experts.

But after years of working in these different disciplines I started to see there was something missing. Something left on the table. Something so important that to not include it was doing a disservice to entire modes of movement.

The missing element was psychology. How can an entire practice devoted to the body not take the mind into proper account? This, I felt, was completely crazy!

Ever since this realization, alongside my wife who reached similar conclusions with her own practice, we developed a new system for movement that completely turns those old disciplines on their head.

My esteemed, high-achieving clients are astounded every day with the results they achieve through our work. They say things like, “Russ, you’ve changed my life” and “I think about the things you’ve taught me every day”.

That’s because once the mind is expanded, it’s expanded forever. I’m excited and passionate about sharing my system with those who are open-minded and looking for new ways of expression and experience in daily living.

Russ and his wife Sue