When it comes to sport, NFL running backs express a huge connection to ground for the task at hand. Barry Sanders is one of the greatest running backs of all time with perhaps the most ground connection and lowest center of gravity in history of the sport. “Grabbing” the ground to stop, change direction and accelerate is what is required for his position and Barry was a unique talent. At about 1:15 in the video is a series of moves that expresses the yield and push like no other. We actually move faster by letting go (yielding) which sets us up for the load to accelerate (push). Are you not yielding enough and taking ground support when you simply walk (high foot arches) or are you yielding too much and not distributing the ground reactive force (flat feet). More than any other area of the body, the feet and ankles are where our society lacks awareness. The modern world with flat, hard ground combined with shoes has destroyed the natural function of our foot which is the foundation of our structure. How is your relationship to the constant force of gravity?