Yoga is a deep and vast subject matter. In America we tend to focus on the physical aspects of the art form (the poses or “asanas”). In fact America has made great contributions to the science and progression of asana. However, it is through the beginnings of asana practice that enable us to experience the depths of yoga that deal more with who we are and how we relate to the world. Breath work (pranayama) is the doorway to enter into higher states of consciousness and meditation.

When working with private clients my first objective is to understand their individual intentions and needs. Each client is unique and accordingly needs to be taught in a way that meets them where they are at the present time. You may be a raw beginning student who is in search of greater strength and flexibility, or, you may be an advanced student who is interested in refining their art and gain greater insight into the function of their practice. For some the asana practice is where there intention lies. For others they are more concerned with breath work and meditation. Regardless of the client my approach is the same. I first establish a clear understanding of their personal wants and desires so that I can meet them where they are and provide them with appropriate instruction. Secondly, I evaluate the individual so that we can understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they relate to their desires. I work with advanced asana practitioners who want to improve their physical abilities. I also work with pure beginners who are merely looking to increase their range of motion and quality of breath. In all cases I work together with the client to clearly evaluate their physical limitations in order to put forth a mindful strategy to obtain greater freedom for the individual as it pertains to their needs. My work is very hands on and I use touch in order to more effectively guide the client to greater freedom through strength, flexibility and coordination. Although strength and flexibility are the standard for most yoga instruction, I have found that coordination and timing of movement are paramount in order to obtain poise and freedom of movement.