Movement is life. Without movement there is no life. The basic philosophy of my work is to “move smarter not harder.” For the majority of cases I believe it is poor movement and our inadequate alignment with gravity that gives us our overall aches, pains, and physical injuries. I strongly feel that we can all improve our relation to gravity and space and our corresponding quality of movement regardless of where we are presently in our physical bodies, thereby accessing poise, grace and overall health.

Ease of movement within the human dynamic happens through organizing the nervous, musculoskeletal, and connective tissue systems so that we move with optimum efficiency. Poise and grace is always achieved when there is a harmonious relationship of these systems during movement. I believe that in an effort to create health, many people tend to overwork specific aspects of their movement in a manner that is inefficient for their particular body. For most of us, doing less but with more intelligence will organize these systems within our bodies for ease of movement and greater health. It is my intention to guide you in this process of finding that balance in your own body.

Intelligent movement that accesses poise and grace is movement that involves full coordination of the whole neuromusculoskeletal system.