In the Wind

Here’s an example of a change in the environment that requires a big change in how people find gravitational support. Notice how some people get low and small to decrease the surface area of wind resistance, some people lean into the wind to get support from that which is challenging them, and others increase […]

Chicken Head?

The first question our physical bodies ask us is “Where am I?”. How we organize is how we orient to the world. We have many systems that enable us to orient and the vestibular system of the inner ear is a key piece. It anchors us to a steady, unchangeable place. Notice how the […]

The Heisman…

When it comes to sport, NFL running backs express a huge connection to ground for the task at hand. Barry Sanders is one of the greatest running backs of all time with perhaps the most ground connection and lowest center of gravity in history of the sport. “Grabbing” the ground to stop, change direction […]