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Reduce chronic pain, increase longevity and feel better every day through proper movement.

How We Help

Movement for Chronic Pain

Why would anyone suffer from unnecessary chronic pain? The thing is most chronic pain is completely avoidable! From lower back problems to sciatic nerve and foot pain, there are a myriad of pain symptoms that can easily be eliminated through subtle changes to how we move. Our system has completely eliminated pain for hundreds of patients through correcting posture, walking and proper movement.


Movement that supports longevity.

How we move through the timeline of our lives affects how we step into old age. Proper movement can keep us from experiencing chronic pain but can also enhance flexibility and our experience of life through aging. You don’t have to be that person hunched over or struggling down the stairs. Take action to learn proper movement today and walk into old age with grace.

Movement for psychological health.

How you move has a direct effect on how you experience life. Changing how you move can completely change your relationship with your environment and others. Gain confidence, increase presence and awareness, foster stronger relationships and increase successful interactions. Everything is connected – movement is a direct interpretation of your psychology and vice versa. 

A New System of Movement

To become the next better version of yourself

This video is one minute and fifteen seconds long

Hi, I’m Russ Pfeiffer, Certified Advanced Rolfer. I work with deeply conscious people to help them live better lives. I do this through movement training. How we move affects everything from aches and pains, to how we age, and how we feel on a day to day basis.

If you are interested in Rolfing, or just interested in taking your consciousness to the next level to live a more fulfilling life, reach out to me. I am always happy to meet forward-thinking people who are always looking to become the next better version of themselves.

“Russ is Amazing!”

“When I first met Russ, I hadn’t even heard of Rolfing. Russ helped me understand Rolfing and so much more. I have been working with him for almost a year. In that time, Russ has changed the way I think and significantly improved the quality of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about something I’ve learned from him. What he teaches is about far more than Rolfing. I consider Russ one of the greatest teachers of my lifetime.”

Robert Portillo

Entrepreneur, Startup Founder, Tech Studio

Results of the Ten Session Process

Clients all over the world have seen amazing results from our work – from eliminating pains that have been limiting their mobility for years, to realigning their posture. Here are some of the benefits of working with Russ and his team.

  • Increased flexibility & coordination
  • Strengthened posture & longevity
  • Improved confidence & relationships
  • Reduced stress & chronic pain

A Message From Russ

“When you change your relationship to gravity everything gets better. How you relate to your body improves. How you relate to the world changes. It’s obvious that proper movement can reduce chronic pain. What’s truly amazng is how it directly affects not only how you feel, but how people see you, and how the world reacts to you.”

-Russ Pfeiffer | Chief Swagger Coach

Who’s Rolfing and Movement Therapy For?

My people are seekers and searchers on an exciting journey on the planet. They’re people always looking for new experiences, knowledge and an edge they can apply in their lives to curate their life experience. They’re highly effective, high achievers who understand that nothing lives in a vacuum, that the more they know and understand about the forces shaping their lives the better their experience of it will be. My people are CEO’s, actors, athletes, entrepreneurs and artists. They’re people who are successfully making their own way in the world and have taken responsibility for their own well being.

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